Main Domain: Reading skills
Shanghai-China, Korea, Finland, Hong Kong-China, Singapore and Canada are examples of leading countries in terms of performance in reading.
Over the OECD countries, 7.6% of the students are high achievers (perform at the 5th or 6th skill level) for reading.  In the average OECD country: 18.8% of students perform below level 2, which is internationally seen as the baseline.
Among the OECD countries, there are significant differences in the distribution of students over the different proficiency levels.

Mathematical and scientific literacy
Shanghai-China, Singapore and Hong Kong-China are leading countries in terms of mathematical literacy.
Top countries in scientific literacy are Shanghai-China, Finland, Hong Kong-China, Singapore, Japan and Korea.

Social inequality
The performance difference between the weakest and strongest students is an important indicator of equity in learning opportunities and learning outcomes. The spread within countries varies widely. In Bulgaria the spread is over 100 points higher than in Macao-China.
• Countries such as Korea, Shanghai-China, Hong Kong-China, Finland and Canada succeed in combining high scores in reading literacy with a small spread.

On the PISA2009-OECD website you will find a detailed description of the performance of the students in the participating countries www.oecd.org/edu/pisa/2009.